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Stumped by an Exam Question? Best Bets for Guessing...

student studying Contrary to popular belief, multiple choice questions aren't always the easiest. Take a multiple choice question that's open to more than one interpretation, throw in a couple of tricky answer choices, and if you're not entirely on top of the material—sometimes even if you are—you've got a problem. That problem doubles if you tend to overanalyze everything. So, what do you do if you have absolutely NO CLUE how to answer a question on your real estate exam? Guess, of course! But there are good and bad ways to guess. Here are some proven strategies that can go a long way toward boosting your odds of landing the right answer.

Avoid exaggerations and absolutes. Few things in life are absolute. If an answer includes terms like 'never' or 'always,' it's probably not the right choice. Look for general terms such as 'usually,' 'mostly,' and 'often.'

Don't pick a term you've never heard of. If you've studied, stick to your guns. A term you've never seen before is a red flag; the answer is designed to catch students who haven't studied. Don't be fooled. If your answer choices are all term-specific, pick one that contains familiar terminology and sounds reasonable based on your understanding of the subject.

Pick one of two opposites. If two of your possible answers are exact opposites, choose one. Chances are, one of them is the correct answer. This simple trick can boost your odds to a 50% chance of making the correct choice.

Answer every question. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, be sure to answer every question! Even if it's a total shot in the dark, you've got a 25% chance of getting the question right—as long as you answer it. That's a lot better than a 100% chance of getting it wrong, isn't it?

Remember, these are strategies of last resort—use them only when you've tried Rockwell's other exam-taking tips (Read all the Answers, Distractors, and Commonsense Math). If you've tried everything else and still have no idea how to answer, go ahead and guess!

Remember, Rockwell Institute is happy to answer all your real estate education questions!