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Off to the CREEA Conference!

CREEA Rockwell will be in sunny California on Friday! Although it's actually gorgeous in Bellevue today, we're always excited at the prospect of a little warmer weather.

We're on our way to the fall CREEA conference (a conference for California real estate educators). Twice a year, real estate educators from all over the state get together for workshops and industry updates. They also have the opportunity to speak to real estate education providers and real estate textbook publishers (like Rockwell) and check out all the newest products.

Gina Pendano This year, the fall conference is Friday, October 21, in Los Angeles. Gina Pendano will be there for Rockwell—this is her third conference in California in the last few weeks! She'll be seeing old friends, and hopefully making some new ones. We'll be showcasing all of our California textbooks and online courses, including our recently updated Principles of California Real Estate and Legal Aspects of California Real Estate.

If any of you are planning on attending CREEA, we hope to see you there!