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Test-taking Tips: Here's a Recap of All of Our Tips!

Taking the real estate exam soon? Check out Rockwell's studying and test-taking tips! We cover everything from reducing test anxiety and staying motivated to eating well on exam day. Read on...and good luck!

Test-taking Tip: Visualizing Exam Success

The Fidget Widget: Work in Some Moves to Help Your Studies

ExamPrep: Tips to Keep You Motivated

Test-taking Tip: Anger--Powerful Emotion, Powerful Distraction

My Exam is Tomorrow? Eeek!

Test-taking Tip: Go Ahead and Mix It Up!

Test-taking Tip: Looking for a Mental Edge? Try Yoga!

Test-taking Tip: They’re Not Flashy, But They Do the Trick

Stumped by an Exam Question? Best Bets for Guessing...

Test-taking Tip: Give Yourself a Tune-Up

Test-taking Tip: Exam Day Eating Strategies

Test-taking Tip: Stretch for Better Focus

Test-taking Tip: Too Much to Memorize? Mnemonics Make it Easy

Math Phobias? Conquer Them With Common Sense!

Test-taking Tip: Don't Let Distractors Distract You

Want to Ace the Exam? Explain Yourself!

Taking the real estate exam? Put on your running shoes!

Studying for the Real Estate Exam? Don't Forget to Sleep on It!

Taking the Real Estate Exam: Valuing a Business Property

Real Estate Exam Test-taking Tips: Reading All the Answers

Taking the Real Estate Exam: Math Anxiety

Taking the Real Estate Exam: Calculating Which Calculator To Use


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