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Exam Prep: Tips to Keep You Motivated

student studying We've all suffered from lack of motivation at one time or another—whether it's putting off taking out the garbage, going to the gym, or starting a new career. While we can't fix all your motivational issues, we can point out a couple of things that can help you prepare for your real estate exam.

1. This is it. We like how one student studying for her CPA exam said it: "Do it once. Do it right. Get it over with!" Think about it. You've put a lot of time and effort into your real estate coursework—studying the material, taking notes, passing quizzes, and memorizing formulas. Do you really think you're going to give up on the whole thing if you fail the state license exam? Given your investment of time and money, you're probably going to want to retake the exam. So wouldn't it be better if you just studied right the first time, in a disciplined way at a balanced pace that allows you to retain the information you've learned? In the words of a favorite exercise class instructor, "You're already here, why not make the most of it?"

2. Choose your distractions wisely. A quick mental break can often be just the thing to reenergize you, but some types of breaks can help motivate you, too. Short motivational YouTube clips can actually be inspiring. Other ideas include Ted Talks dealing with education, career advancement, or empowerment. Anything that gives you inspiration or a new perspective on reaching your goals should do the trick. Just be sure you go back to studying!

3. Don't fall behind. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to keep yourself from falling too far behind in your study schedule, a situation that can lead to feelings of hopelessness. Good study habits, and pushing forward even when you're not "feeling it," can go a long way toward preventing loss of motivation later in the game.

Ok—now that you know a few ways to stay motivated, go study!

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