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Test-taking Tip: Looking for a Mental Edge? Try Yoga!

Yoga for real estate students Need a little extra help while you prep for your real estate exam? Most of us have heard that yoga is great for reducing stress and increasing flexibility. But did you know that yoga also has mental benefits as well? Studies have consistently shown that practicing yoga improves mental clarity, memory, and concentration. The reason is twofold: first and most obviously, yoga reduces the physical effects of stress, known to be a major aggressor to the nerve endings that are responsible for information flow.

Second, the meditation aspect of yoga helps to train and discipline the mind, enabling more focused thinking. Brain scans show that regular meditation causes physical improvements in the parts of the cerebral cortex responsible for memory and attention span. And you don't have to be an expert at meditation, either. Simply concentrating on a yoga pose, or series of poses, can be enough to trigger the kind of mental focus that increases mental clarity throughout the day.

Finally, for those who have never tried yoga before, there is an added benefit to giving it a try now. According to R. Douglas Fields, a senior investigator at the National Institutes of Health, being exposed to a new experience helps the mind retain what happens immediately after that new experience. As Fields explains, our minds can usually distinguish between what's important enough to remember and what's okay to forget immediately. But when faced with a new experience, the mind doesn't know what to expect, so it assumes everything is important and pays close attention. Once activated, that mental engagement continues after the new experience, helping us to increase our long-term recall of what we learn afterward. So, if you've never tried yoga before, now is a great time to gain some extra mental traction from that new venture!

Whether you're new to yoga or an old hand at it, no doubt you're pressed for time as you prep for your real estate exam. If an hour seems like too much time to spend away from your studies, give this short, eight-minute yoga break a try. It's designed specifically for students cramming for an exam.

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